Our G.A.S. team of analyzer specialists can provide on-site and in-house service and guidance to customers throughout Western Canada. Our specialists' knowledge and expertise ensures a rapid response in all the following services:

Commission and Training

Our service specialists are equipped in factory training, and are able to assist in commissioning the equipment correctly and accurately.

This ensures the customer's equipment will function properly and their own employees will have the proper knowledge to safely handle and work with the equipment.

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Repairs are done on all equipment that is distributed by G.A.S.

G.A.S. service specialists are qualified to ensure those malfunctions that may occur with the equipment are rapidly repaired, on-site or in-house.

All of our technician's experience in the industry allows them to trouble-shoot any unexpected problems to guarantee the equipment is working to its fullest ability.

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G.A.S. specialists can provide continuous support for the equipment on-site or in-house.

With our guidance and training, it can reduce the unexpected malfunction and repairs required. This ensures the customer's equipment is maintained and operating properly.

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G.A.S. can incorporate a wide variety of products and assemblies to meet our customer's specific requirements and specifications.

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Moisture Verification

G.A.S. has developed unique technologies for the calibration and verification of moisture analyzers. We are able to accurately generate a fixed moisture content (10 ppm - 1%) within a variety of gas streams (and mixed gas streams) to determine the accuracy of our customers' equipment.

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